One4One Info

What is One4One?

One Oregonian One Tree Campaign

One4One is a youth driven campaign to plant a native tree or shrub for every person living in Oregon by 2012.

What we intend to achieve The goal of the “One4One” campaign is to spread awareness of not only the benefits of planting native plants, but also the advantages of invasive removal and the importance of biodiversity. The way we plan to achieve these goals is through active participation. Not only do we expect one tree to be planted for every Oregonian, we are spreading the idea that everyone can make a difference through the simple act of planting a tree.

Progress so far We have been site prepping and planting since November, and will pass 10,000 trees in about 3 month’s time.  SO, WE NEED EVERYONE’S HELP THROUGHOUT OREGON TO REACH OUR GOAL!

What is the significance?

·  In order to reduce carbon emissions, it’s imperative for us to acknowledge what steps need to be taken to achieve sustainability.

·  This project will grant Oregon the advantage of having cleaner air, less pollutants, and potentially a more sustainable future.

·  Through the outreach and education achieved we’ll be giving all of our participants a sense of ownership, not only in their community, but in their state as well.

·  Youth participants will learn not only the importance of sustainability, biodiversity, and community involvement, they will also learn of both responsibility and leadership skills.

How are trees beneficial?

CO2 sequestration Carbon dioxide sequestration is vital because a mature tree will consume the equivalent of 1 ton of carbon dioxide in their lifetime. Roughly three hundred trees will be required to reduce the pollutants of one human during their entire lifetime. Trees are a vital renewable resource that can be consistently recycled. Our group has chosen to place trees in the ground in comparison to plants because of how much carbon dioxide they can absorb.

Benefits of Natives Native plants are essential to conserving a healthy environment because of the diversity they offer. One main reason natives are so vital to a specific ecosystem is the way they grow: a native plant tends to have a natural management program that either through the climate or its consumption by native wildlife keep it from overgrowing.

 Wildlife The needs of animals also play a role in the importance of native trees, their ecosystem depends on it. Without biodiversity, animal populations could either soar or deplete rapidly because of food and habitat availability. In riparian zones, trees provide necessary shelter for marine animals. Many species of Salmon are native to the Northwest, and they require a certain temperature in order to thrive, and eventually spawn. Trees that loom over river or streams provide shade, which keeps the water at the required temperature for fish spawning.  Most salmon-bearing streams in Oregon are too warm for salmon.

About us We are the Oregon Chapter of Caretakers of the Environment International. As CEI Youth delegates , we have developed and presented projects for the past 7 annual international conferences as well as hosting the 2005 conference here in Salem Oregon.

 The One4One campaign will be one of the Oregon's delegation’s contributions to this years CEI conference in Indonesia. 

 Youth Enviro Squad YES is one of our after school science programs that actively engages local youth in environmental restoration events. YES has dedicated 37,500 youth participation hours over the last five years with over two dozen natural resource partners. YES youth represent over 20 middle-high schools  and colleges in the mid-Willamette Valley. YES has engaged in invasive species removal, riparian restoration, natural habitat restoration and native species planting. 

YES is open to anyone age 12 and older. YES is managed by OSU Extension Service – Marion County  3180 Center St SE Salem, OR, 97301 503-576-4615

How can I participate in One4One?

Join us!  We are searching for volunteers that will help us in our plantings.

Looking to start a project of your own?

On our website we also have an easy to follow step by step guide that will help you develop and implement your own planting project.

 Unable to participate? Donations are another option to offer assistance. We suggest a $5 donation per tree that we plant in your name or whomever you select as the named recipient. We will then send you GPS coordinates after it is planted. Indicate ONE4ONE and make checks payable to

 Oregon 4-H Foundation, c/o OSU Extension 3180 Center St NE Rm 1361 Salem, OR 97301

Already participating in a similar project?

We would like to hear about it! Please contact us so that we can collaborate with you and celebrate your accomplishments.

 For more information or updates on up coming events please contact the Dan Hoynacki @

Extension Service