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CEI Video Conference Statement (12/17/09)

posted Dec 16, 2009, 7:16 PM by Unknown user
The following will be presented on December 17th 2009 to a handful of Our Caretakers partners: 

The Oregon Chapter of Caretakers of the Environment International.

Summary of what we did:

As a result of the video conference on (11/13/09), the Oregon Chapter of Caretakers of the Environment International has decided to take on a major tree planting project.  The title of our undertaking is "One Oregonian, One Tree". The goal of our project is to instigate a widespread restoration activity that reaches out, not only to the local community, but also to our state as a whole. The final result of this campaign is to have, through various affiliates as well as our own efforts, roughly 3.7 million trees planted by 12/31/11.

The mission of this project is three fold: (1) We will spread awareness about climate change and the importance of CO2 sequestration, (2) we will educate the public on the importance of biodiversity, and (3) we will advocate for sustainability and the importance of forest protection and maintenance.

Our Successes:

So far our successes have been surprising. In the month since the last video conference, we have put roughly 850 trees in the ground. We have also been successful in creating and maintaining partnerships with various organizations in our area that have similar goals in mind.

Our Challenges:

Our biggest difficulty so far, has been communication. We are still in the early networking stages of our project, but this stage is one of the most vital for a project of this scale. 

Future Plans:

As I stated earlier, our plans for the future of this project are great, but feasible. The keystone to the success of our project is the networking piece, if we can expand our partnerships to include the dozens of similar programs that have parallel goals. We will continue to track and record all of the planting events through our website where we can keep a running total of our successes.